The TV station “New Jerusalem worldwide” works to disseminate the high ethics and morals of Jesus of Nazareth, which contain the love for God and neighbor.

Today, approximately 2000 years after Jesus of Nazareth, the Original Christian principles based on the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus are more relevant than ever, for the New Era, the Age of the Lily, has begun.

Through the prophetic word in our time, the message of peace “God in us” is broadcast worldwide in several languages, stimulating many hearts and souls to reflection and a change of thinking. Ever more people orient themselves to the teachings of peace, of reconciliation and of the unity between the peoples of different cultures, but also with the animals and with Mother Earth—for we are all children of a loving, eternal Father.
If you would like to, do help us according to your possibilities so that the programs can continue to be produced in many languages and broadcast on all continents.

Thank you very much!
The Team of New Jerusalem worldwide

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