The True School Is Life – Teaching hours from the divine Wisdom

Train yourself for your life! This series of programs contains teachings hours from the divine Wisdom: schooling with indications and help that are true-to-life, and which anyone who wants to can try out.

Topics are, for example: “The New Person. How do I stay true to my resolutions?” – “Happiness and Health Are in Your Hands” – “Keep the Inner Calm in Every Situation” – “Take the Freedom, become free, be free” – We Learn to Focus” – “Live with Nature and the Animals” – “The Redeemer-Power of the Christ of God in Us” – etc., etc.
The programs are designed as reading and contain passages in the original sound of the schoolings.

LIOBANI – The School for New Jerusalem
For another time under the sign of the Christ of God, The love for God and neighbor

What is freedom? To what values do you want to orient your life? Is God also in the animals and in nature? Who can we find God, at all?
The programs series for children and young people with explanations from Liobani contain exciting topics, as, for example: “The Day — Your Friend,” “The Fire and Air Spirits,” “Take Your Life in Hand,” “Everything Feels — Animals, Plants and Stones,” “Verbal and Written Exams,” etc.

The Free Communities Under the Sign of the Lily

Worldwide people of all cultures who strive toward a free Original Christianity
come together in the Free Communities—without rituals, without prayer leaders,
without teachers or pastors and priests, without religious structures.
The Free Spirit—God in us—that is the hallmark of the Free Communities all over the world.

In the Free Communities that meet informally for an interchange, the motto is:
One helps the other. Many teaching hours are given from the divine Wisdom
for the Free Communities. Translated in many languages, these also reach people
around the Earth via radio and television.