LIOBANI – The School for New Jerusalem
For another time under the sign of the Christ of God, The love for God and neighbor

A school for another time? Exactly! Because if we look at the current time … so much injustice, so many wars, and the animal world and nature are suffering … no one really wants to live is such a world, right?
If we want peace, a just world, then we can listen to what Liobani has to tell us.

  • The Earth – As the School of Life

  • The day your friend

  • Take your Life in Hand

  • What is the Law of Sowing and Reaping?

  • Chosing occupation

  • The realm of thoughts

  • The Invisible Thought-Beings

  • Whatever You Do to Your Neighbor, You Do to Yourself

  • The Free Will of a Person

  • Light and Shadow in Soul and Person

  • The Love of Our Father

  • Setting a Course

Liobani is an angel being from the Kingdom of God, from a kingdom that is also our spiritual homeland, where there is peace and absolute freedom. Where there is only a being for one another and no against one another. Liobani accompanies the young spirit beings on the path of development in the eternal homeland — and she wants to accompany the children and young people on the Earth as well.
For example, she explains how a person can become understanding, tolerant and of good will, that is, how to develop a good character. She describes how the Fire and Air Spirits look like and where the soul goes when your are sleeping. But Liobani also has a lot of tips and suggestions for taking exams at school — so: Enjoy the programs!