The True School Is Life – Teaching hours from the divine Wisdom

Learning for the Life

With every new awakening in the morning a new day begins – and a new teaching hour in the school called “life.” Our teacher is we ourselves! Every situation of the day – every conversation, every encounter, including every difficulty – wants to speak to us and show us what step we can take, to become a freer and happier person – with the help of God in us.

  • Keep the Inner Calm in Every Situation

  • When the Life Film Rewinds

  • Everyone is the Architect of Their Own Happiness

  • Learn to Live with Nature and the Animals, then You Will Learn to Understand Yourself Better and Your Neighbor as well

  • The Disease-Causing Subconscious and Life

  • Death, Death or Death, Life?

  • Harmony is the Life of the Enterprise

  • The Right Kind of Learning Raises our Existence to a Gain in Life

  • The New Human Being. How Do I Stay True to My Resolutions?

  • Take the Freedom – Become Free – Be Free!

  • The Christ-Telephone: Christ in Me, Christ in My Neighbor

  • Christ, the Power of Love, Dwells in Us

  • In the Law of God We Live Freely. Hurry Up – Or Take Your Time for Eternity!

  • Let Us Learn to Question Ourselves

  • The Law of Correspondence

  • Reincarnation and Rebirth in the Spirit

The eternally cosmic divine laws that can also be found in the Ten Commandments of God and in the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, the Christ, are not abstract or quixotic. For example, they teach us to treat each person as we ourselves want to be treated. They teach us to be peaceable also in our thoughts, about the love for God and neighbor and also the communication with the divine, with the life in the plants and animals.

The teaching hours from the divine Wisdom illuminates many aspects of daily living. They help us to get to know ourselves and to orient ourselves in every situation to the Commandments of God, to develop a good character and to grow ever closer to “God in us, and we in God” – each day, for: The True School Is Life!